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The next time you go to buy a new pair of shoes, or phone, or whatever it may be, just look for the Checknique logo and scan the tag with your phone. We’ll let you know if it’s unique or not. Sound easy? It is.

Amazing Features

Authenticity of Things

Checknique ensures that name brand products come from real manufacturers.

Product Wallet

Every product you purchase is cataloged and filed as yours.


Instantly share with people using your favorite sharing app.

Genuine Brands

Verify that your purchases are the genuine articles before you buy them.

Product Info

Know more about your purchases. Including warranties, recalls, manuals and manufacturer contacts & support.

Get Ahead

Take advantage of unique offers, perks and rewards through participating brands.


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UI/UX Programmer


Diane Wayland

Legal Counsel


Andy Hicken

UI Designer




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